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Mission of the Football Academy 2012

1. The aim of the Football Academy are children in preschool and early school from age 6 until age Junior.

2. Classes are given in small groups by two specialists football coaches with experience and knowledge of child development at such an early age.

3. The training process is carried out in various ways. The variety of sports instruments and advanced technologies make the joung footballers joyful and passionate.

4. We shape in children the belief that success is not only a good result in the competition but the improvement of skills, efficiency and raise self-esteem.

5. Our program of education regards individual approach to children with the aim of  improving their football skills:

a) development of mobility, motor skills and elementary techniques of football,

b) stimulation of children to physical activities to achieve correct physical, emotional and social development,

c) teaching them the principles of teamwork and fair - play,

d) providing the children with theoretical knowledge from the earliest years of training.

e) organizating of tournaments and sports camps in Poland and abroad.

6. Formation of positive character traits.

7. The aim of the Football Academy is to find talented footballers and lead them to be succesful with the ball.

8. The Academy provides a wide variety of trainings for children and young people from other clubs, from the MZPN and the PZPN and for foreigner children staying in our region on holiday.


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